How It Works (High School)

At Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA), high school students can be who they are, and then some.

Imagine a public high school program that lets students set their path on a range of post-high school goals and gives students the freedom to explore their interests. From career preparation to college prep, our high school program is designed to help students maximize their ability to succeed after high school on whatever path they choose.

We provide a dynamic team of state-certified teachers to lead instruction and provide a connected school community. TXVA accesses a portfolio of Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN) courses, which are approved through the Texas Education Agency. These courses include math, English/language arts, science, social sciences, and a full selection of electives.

While the online high school program is designed to give students the freedom they need, students aren’t in it alone. Learning Coaches play a vital role in a student’s daily activities, help ensure work is completed, and communicate with teachers when necessary. There are also scheduled group discussions, chat boards, and online classes that connect students with an active high school student community. Regular teacher office hours keep the lines of communication open.

Student-to-student interaction is emphasized, so TXVA students are always well-educated and well-socialized. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to attend in-person gatherings, activities, and field trips.

Through K12’s easy-to-use online system, students log in through their computer to access their classes and coursework. Teachers will lead virtual classes through ClassConnect, and students can talk with teachers and other students during class using their keyboard or microphone to ask and answer questions and participate in group discussions. Parents can monitor their student’s progress and log in to take the required attendance.

Who is this intended for?

TXVA’s high school program currently serves students in grades 9–12 who reside within the state of Texas and qualify under the terms of participation for enrollment.

A student is eligible to enroll full-time in courses if the student:

  • Was enrolled in a public school in Texas in the preceding school year
  • Has been placed in substitute care in Texas, regardless of whether the student was enrolled in a public school in this state in the preceding school year
  • Is a dependent of a member of the United States military; was previously enrolled in high school in this state; and no longer resides in this state as a result of a military deployment or transfer

For more detailed eligibility requirements and a listing of the school districts we currently serve, please visit our How to Enroll page.

What are the costs?

Because we are part of the public school system, TXVA is tuition free. The K12 curriculum is provided as are the corresponding educational materials ). Families may need to provide school supplies for some courses, just as they would in a brick-and-mortar classroom as well as some consumable materials including but not limited to printer ink and paper. Any expenses associated with optional field trips organized by the school’s local community coordinators are also paid by families.