How It Works

Texas Virtual Academy (TXVA) is a fully-accredited, tuition-free online public school for students in grades 6–12 across the state of Texas. TXVA is provided in partnership with Responsive Education Solutions (ResponsiveEd®) charter schools and operates as an approved charter school of ResponsiveEd.

As a public school, TXVA is tuition-free. In addition textbooks, curriculum, and other instructional materials for the program are provided to students. And families may need to provide school supplies for some courses, just as they would in a brick-and-mortar classroom, as well as consumable materials such as, but not limited to, printer ink and paper.  In addition, any expenses incurred for optional field trips organized by the school’s local community coordinators are paid by the family.

TXVA uses online curriculum and tools provided by K12. Students can learn at home, on the road, or wherever they have an Internet connection. Attendance, teacher interaction, and daily lessons are conducted online, and lessons use books, materials, and other tools.

Students and their Learning Coaches work together with teachers to facilitate learning and achieve the academic goals set in each student’s Individualized Learning Plan.

Texas-Certified Teachers, Superior Teaching Tools

At TXVA, all students interact with one or more state-certified teachers and communicate regularly with their teachers through e-mail, telephone, and online meetings.

Each TXVA family receives educational materials delivered to their home, including textbooks and other hands-on tools and resources. These materials complement the interactive online elements of our program, to help ensure students receive instruction using the best method for each subject matter.

School Support System

TXVA also provides a support system to both parents and students. Working closely with the teacher, the parent (or other responsible adult) serves as a “Learning Coach” to the child, helping facilitate his or her progress and working to modify the pace and schedule as needed. In addition, regular networking opportunities are provided through various events and outings, enabling the entire school community to keep in close contact.

Individualized Learning, Public School Accountability

In addition to providing individualized learning, as an online public school, TXVA provides the structure, administrative support, oversight, accountability, and state testing required of all public schools.

Social Activities and Student Interaction

Student-to-student interaction is emphasized, so TXVA students have a variety of opportunities for social activities and engagement. There are many opportunities s for students to meet and learn including through field trips, virtual school clubs, and special school events. Students can form friendships, gain confidence, learn teamwork, and build on their communication skills. Plus, they can just have fun!