TXVA’s state-certified teachers are committed to serving their students and helping parents every step of the way.

Grade 3–8 Leadership Team

Daphne Troxell

Curriculum Coordinator:
Megan Freeman

Elementary Lead Master Teachers:
Heather Lipscomb
Debbie Fitzpatrick

Lead Teachers:
Amy Neeb
Brittany Ware
Donna Haack
Naomi Armstrong
Keith Little
Joanne Stanton
Hayley Frink
Heather Goodwin
Stacy Jarrell
Marcy Bergman
Rosalyn Berger

High School

Sara Baker

Tammany Olson

Assistant Principal:
Melissa Robinett

Curriculum Coordinator:
Christy Brewer

Counseling Department Lead:
Cayce Feemster
Sarah Sumrall

Advising Department Lead:
Shelly Perry

Department Leads:
Tina Poer, Math
Blanda Watt, English and Language Arts
Rachel Mancha, Science
Amanda Rollert, Social Studies
Karin Webb, Electives
Patricia Mills, World Languages, Health and PE