What TXVA Parents Say

“It has been wonderful watching the girls gain the knowledge and skills K12 has to offer. I love [the K12 curriculum] because it is mom-friendly; I do not have to put as much into the teaching as I was with the hodge-podge curriculum I was using as a homeschooler. . . . It has been wonderful to just click and read or read the teaching guide and go. I am glad that we are here [at TXVA], and we will get to where we should be and would like to be.”
Parent of two TXVA middle grade students

“My husband works second shift, often seven days a week. If the boys weren’t in Texas Virtual Academy they would go days in a row without seeing their dad. We enjoy raising and teaching our children, and we have very close contact with our children’s teachers on a daily basis. . . . The quality of the education that my boys are getting is far better than any ‘brick-and-mortar’ school education that they received in the past. Let me also add that my boys are learning faster, and enjoying themselves while doing it.”
Parent of two middle grade students in a TXVA sister school

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