Myths About Online Schools

MYTH: Students who attend online schools lack socialization and social skills.

FACT: Students at TXVA will have the opportunity to participate in many academic and social outings this year. These outings may include trips to museums, zoos, parks, and other community destinations. We also encourage students to participate in clubs. As a result, many online school students feel that having friends separate from school results in richer and more successful social lives for them.

MYTH: You’ll spend all day staring at a computer.

FACT: While attendance, planning, and assessment are all recorded online, only about 30 percent of the lessons are taught online, with the percentage higher for high school as students work at a more collective pace online in conjunction with the teacher. The rest of the K12 curriculum relies on printed and/or hands-on materials, including beautifully crafted textbooks, paint, rocks, and telescopes.

MYTH: Attending TXVA is a part-time job.

FACT: Students will need to spend about six hours on schoolwork each day, depending on grade level.

MYTH: Online schools don’t meet the curriculum requirements for public schools.

FACT: TXVA is a public charter school that happens to operate outside of a traditional classroom. We provide access to a portfolio of Texas Virtual School Network-approved high school courses, including math, English/language arts, science, social sciences, and more. As public school students, your children will be expected to spend a certain amount of time each day engaged in schoolwork.

MYTH: Virtual school students don’t have to take state tests.

FACT: TXVA students are required to take standardized tests mandated by the state of Texas. The K12 curriculum was developed by experts to meet or exceed Texas Academic Standards and has proven to be one of the top-scoring online school curriculum programs in the nation.